Property Management

Our primary activities include presenting properties to renters/leesees, preparing leases, collecting rent payments, remitting payments for the operating costs of the property, managing facilities, preparing financial statements, enforcing the lease, and ensuring reasonable conditions for tenants. Periodically, properties require improvements and maintenance. In the case of routine repairs, the property manager calls in contractors to complete the work . If a more extensive upgrade or improvement is required, the owner would have to approve them beforehand and the manager would oversee it . The manager also provides dispute resolution so that both the tenant and owner are provided with a property of good stature. Each management agreement is created with your specific needs in mind.


All accounting is done monthly and a statement is sent to the owner. Any documents you wish to have included with your monthly statement can be issued as well. These documents may include an income statement, rent roll etc. All of our accounting is done through approved financial software. All rental deposits and payments are made safely through a Trust Account.

CAM Reconciliation

Depending on the terms of your lease with your tenant, we reconcile the Common Area Maintenance costs yearly. These costs can include but are not limited to, repairs, heating, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT fees. They are calculated for each unit in your building and charged back to the tenants in additional rent.

Lease Negotiations and Preparation

New Towne Group can work with you to renew or write leases pertaining to your property. If your unit becomes vacant we can work with your realtor or find a realtor to establish a lease with a new tenant, or renegotiate with your current tenant when their lease is up for renewal.This would include setting the lease term and ensuring it contains all of the necessary clauses to protect you and your investment.